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Healthy Vending Technology

Most vending machine technologies haven't changed since they were mainstreamed in our society in the 1960s.  For the most part, the machines that you encounter in your day-to-day life are no different than the ones your parents encountered many years ago.

M&J Solutions is proud to offer Naturals2Go Vending Machines. Our machines are technologically advanced, offering a plethora of unique and exciting features that many other machines simply cannot match.

For instance, our unique AirVend technology lets your employees see the nutritional values of all our products before they buy them. With a simple push of the button, our monitor displays all key nutritional information so that your employees know firsthand what is in the healthy products we vend.

We use remote monitoring technology to track sales and keep an eye on each of our healthy vending machines. When a machine requires maintenance, we know it before you do! This service eliminates the hassles of managing a vending machine at your place of business.

Our credit and debit card readers ensure that your team can grab a snack or drink whenever they need one - not just when they have the right change. A quick swipe of a card using our secure card readers allows any customer to make a selection and have the transaction completed automatically. It saves time and trouble for you, your team and M&J Solutions!